Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Unthinkable...

I did "the unthinkable" on my vacation this week. It was something who most I work with actually thought I couldn't do. Get ready, its big...

I removed my work email from my blackberry!!! Yes you heard me right. The woman who gets anywhere from fifty to two hundred emails a day, actually decided that I was going to claim my vacation. I have a partner in my business as well as a full time assistant so why shouldn't I be able to do this? You'd be surprised at the bawks I received as I told people I was going to do this. They actually didn't believe me. I explained that there were three people who if in an emergency, would know how to instantly reach me so there really shouldn't be an issue.

As a culture, we have become so addicted to our phones. Addicted to checking our emails and our texts and the senders on the other end have become addicted to our instant responses! Remember when we used to mail a letter, wait for it to get there and then wait for them to mail one back?! Those days no longer exist. We expect instant or at least a 24 hour turn around on emails today. And god forbid someone bbm's you and you read it! Because they know, immediately, and then they know if you haven't replied yet! I find that to be extremely awkward. That pressure that once I've read it, they know, and I'm basically forced to reply no matter where I am and what I'm doing! Maybe I'm in a meeting or maybe I accidentally read it before jumping in the shower?! I don't know, there could be a million reasons that I don't reply but now that that little "r" has popped up on their end, they think I'm ignoring them! Its just too much sometimes.

So here's the truth. I did check my emails while on vacation this week. But probably just once, max twice a day and only when it was convenient for me; as opposed to that little red light blinking at me, saying "Read me now!  Read me now!"  There was no stress for me as I checked them on my terms and at my preferred time. It was so nice to not feel like I was a slave to my blackberry and its need for immediacy. And the truth is, everything was just fine. I think we all need to shut down once in a while. Even if its just one or two days a week. I always try to do that on Sundays. But also the idea that we don't have to respond so instantly all the time. Log in three times a day and get back to people rather than this constant connection to our blackberry and iphone that we all have. So often these days, I sit in a room of friends and co workers and we are all feverishly typing on our keypads, never taking a moment to come up for air and actually speak to each other!
So this week I went back to basics and it works just fine! Try to disconnect with your devices and re-connect with your friends and loved ones around you.
Happy back to work and back to school day!  I"m excited for the new season and new beginnings!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feature in Asian Woman Summer 2011 Magazine!

I wanted to share this piece with whoever isn't located in the UK and was unable to purchase a copy of this summer's Asian Woman Mag.  I also wanted to send a big shout out to J Wimal, the editor, for giving me my writer's debut in her publication!  It was so much fun for me to be able to write this piece from my own thoughts and from my own point of view.  I feel blessed for the opportunity and I hope it will open me up to more fun opps like this one in the future. 
And if you're in the UK and haven't gotten your copy, please go support and grab your copy now!
Hope you enjoy the article :o)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Health Tip #5 in Breakfast Series

Waffles on the Go!
There are some days where I just need to pop something in the toaster and come back and have it ready to eat. Now I'm not talking a bagel here because bagels are actually one of the worst foods that you can eat at ANY time of day. Did you know that a bagel is the equivalent of about 6 slices of toast?!  Talk about loading yourself up with sugar when you start your day and then you wonder why you crash two hours later!

So if I'm in need of a carby start to my day then sometimes I go with a whole grain waffle.  It fills that need for something bread-like but with way less calories than a bagel.  I go for a whole wheat or a whole grain waffle.  There are a few different brands.  Of course there's the classic Eggo brand which is ok but if you can get your hands on them, Van's is an even healthier brand that you can purchase at most Whole Foods or Organic stores.
Then instead of putting butter and syrup on them, here's how to add even more health into your bite.  Spread 1 TSP of almond butter on top and then top with a no sugar added jam spread.  I love blueberry or raspberry spread as they're not as sweet as grape or strawberry.  But again, read your labels.  Look for no sugar added signs on the label because you don't want to start your day with high fructose corn syrup.
This is a perfect combo of carbs and protein and its super filling and most importantly, warm and satisfying.
Give it a try and enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Health Tip #4 in Breakfast Series

Healthy Pancakes
Ok so I totally love pancakes but they're definitely not the healthiest way to start your day.  I actually don't understand why we start our days with starchy, sugary foods that could actually be desserts!  But all that being said, I do love pancakes.  So I created my own version of them so I can still get my fix when I need it.
I make protein oat cakes!  They're still yummy but they're also good for you!  Heres my recipe:
2 egg whites
3 TBSP oatmeal flakes
1 pinch cinnamon
1 pinch nutmeg
1/2 Tsp vanilla 
1 splash milk

Heat a non-stick frying pan with either 1 TBSP olive oil or use a no fat spray like PAM for even less calories.  Make sure the frying pan is super hot before you poor the mix in.  While the pan is heating take a fork and whip everything together.  When the pan is hot, go ahead and poor the mixture into the pan.  Then cook it just like you would a pancake.  Let it bubble and let the liquid cook through a bit before you flip it over to let the other side brown a little.  Once its cooked, move to a plate.  If you like you can put another sprinkle of cinnamon on but that's optional.  Then you can put 1 TBSP of maple syrup on your pancake.  I try to use real maple syrup rather than the kind that's filled with artificial sweeteners and coloring etc.   I even like to heat it up in the pan and then poor it over the pancack to keep your pancake hot. You don't have to feel so guilty about this pancake because you're getting protein and whole grains all in one go.   Make sure you eat it while its hot and enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Health Tip #3 in Breakfast Series

Hope you've enjoyed the tips so far, here's another one.
The Incredible Edible Egg!
Well that is the incredible, edible, egg omelette loaded with veggies!
This is another great way to start your day.  I know how hard it can be for people to get their daily serving of vegetables in everyday and this is such an easy way to get them in.  It's even an easy way to sneak them in for people who are not really fans of veggies.  
I usually do two whole eggs and 1 egg white.  You need some of that good fat in the yolk so I don't usually like to do egg whites only.  I personally like to saute my veggies first so they're a little more tasty.  1tbsp olive oil, 1 clove of garlic and some chopped onions will really boost the flavor without fat or calories.  Some black pepper and herbs sprinkled on those and then you add in your chopped veggies.  You can do anything from peppers to broccoli to spinach!  I always try to get as many greens in as possible as they're nice and fibrous and a great way to get your digestive system moving in the morning.  I don't recommend cheese unless your at home and can get yourself some low fat feta, goat or even cheddar.  When you eat out, it's usually guaranteed that they will use full fat cheese and they will put way too much on completely negating the fact that you're trying to have something healthy.  So I only recommend cheese if you're in control of it.  Then after cooking the omelette, I like to serve it with some salsa or even marinara sauce works.  Its a nice tasty accompaniment to the eggs and again without any negative health affects.  And tomatoes are great for you as well because of the lycopene so definitely good to add on top.  I really don't believe that healthy food can't be tasty, it's just about using the right seasonings and accompaniments to make it enjoyable.
I love knowing that the first thing I put in my body has been tasty AND healthy and it really helps to get two servings of veggies in before you've even left the house.  You can even precut the vegetables the night before to make it quick and easy for you in the morning.  
There's always a way to be healthy, you just have to make the choice every time you take a bite.  
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Tip #2 in Breakfast Series

This morning I was up at 6am and had to be out the door early so on days like that I like to eat something that will be quick and easy; that's when I reach for the cereal. Straight out the box with some almond milk on top and you're good to go!
Now the next question is what kind of cereal is actually good for you. The cereal isle can so be so confusing and overwhelming and mostly filled with options that are actually unhealthy! I have one brand that I go to for guaranteed goodness and that's Kashi. I can count on them to use whole grain ingredients that are good for me. The new line on many cereal boxes is "made with whole grain." You'll see that on tons of boxes these days. Do not be fooled! There's only one way to know if something is truly made with whole grains and that's by looking at the fiber content on the nutritional value box. If fiber is 2g or less then this cereal is not for you. Put it back! A cereal that is truly made with real whole grains should be loaded with fiber, anywhere from 5 to 8 grams! That's a big difference and your tummy will know. Fiber is so important for your digestive health. Its like a broom that goes through and sweeps out your intestines getting rid of all the junk that can get stuck without the proper aid. Fiber is also going to help keep you full until your next snack or meal which will help you to make healthy choices because you won't be starving.  
So I had my Kashi Go Lean Crunch today. Tons of fiber and even the protein of 3 eggs! Can't go wrong with that. Here's to another great day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Health Tip #1

Often via different mediums, you guys have asked me to share different tips for everything from weight loss to healthy tips for skin or how to achieve the ever struggled for set of abs! So I thought I'd add this into my blog and share different tips with you guys that I've learned through the years.  My advice comes mostly from a place of personal experience but also a place of education as I'm certified as both a Holistic Nutritionist and a Bikram Yoga teacher.  But most of all, I just want to share tips with you that I've tried and succeeded or NOT succeeded with!   Ok, so here goes with the first one!

I'm always amazed at how many people I meet who say that they don't eat breakfast!  It really is such an important meal for your day.  This is the meal that gets your metabolism going daily, which is going to help you to burn calories and make sure you keep your metabolism healthy so you can maintain a healthy weight for your future.  
Everyday this Monday through Friday, I will post a different breakfast meal option so there will certainly be something for everyone, even if you're not a big breakfast person.  The first is actually my favorite: FRESH BERRIES
I start my day with this everyday.   A bowl of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  I also pour a little bit of almond milk into the bowl instead of using whip cream as a garnish.  This is an amazing way to start your day because berries are loaded with antioxidants which help combat free radicals which can  cause cancer and wrinkles!  Need I say more? I think not!  
The other great thing about berries is that they're light so if you don't want something too heavy, this is a great option.  The berries are also packed with fiber which is going to help you get a nice flat tummy and help keep your body nice and regular ;o)

Enjoy and get Berry Beautiful!