Monday, May 9, 2011

Health Tip #1

Often via different mediums, you guys have asked me to share different tips for everything from weight loss to healthy tips for skin or how to achieve the ever struggled for set of abs! So I thought I'd add this into my blog and share different tips with you guys that I've learned through the years.  My advice comes mostly from a place of personal experience but also a place of education as I'm certified as both a Holistic Nutritionist and a Bikram Yoga teacher.  But most of all, I just want to share tips with you that I've tried and succeeded or NOT succeeded with!   Ok, so here goes with the first one!

I'm always amazed at how many people I meet who say that they don't eat breakfast!  It really is such an important meal for your day.  This is the meal that gets your metabolism going daily, which is going to help you to burn calories and make sure you keep your metabolism healthy so you can maintain a healthy weight for your future.  
Everyday this Monday through Friday, I will post a different breakfast meal option so there will certainly be something for everyone, even if you're not a big breakfast person.  The first is actually my favorite: FRESH BERRIES
I start my day with this everyday.   A bowl of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  I also pour a little bit of almond milk into the bowl instead of using whip cream as a garnish.  This is an amazing way to start your day because berries are loaded with antioxidants which help combat free radicals which can  cause cancer and wrinkles!  Need I say more? I think not!  
The other great thing about berries is that they're light so if you don't want something too heavy, this is a great option.  The berries are also packed with fiber which is going to help you get a nice flat tummy and help keep your body nice and regular ;o)

Enjoy and get Berry Beautiful! 


  1. You smokes so you are not healthy you hypocrite

  2. Thank u im gona try it =)

  3. okay i'll give it a shot. thanks so much.

  4. Thanks for the healthy breakfast tips thara! :)

  5. Thanks for the post! I'd like to try the green lemonade/smoothie. Could you please post the recipe for that? (:

  6. Men's Health said the same thing! They said that the more calories you eat for breakfast, the more weight you lose (obviously healthy stuff). I like my power smoothies!

    8 oz skim milk, 2 tbspn low or non-fat vanilla yogurt (Greek if you can find it, like Chobani), ice, frozen berries, 1 teaspoon flax seed, a little bit of Quaker Oatmeal (uncooked), and a scoop of vanilla protein

    You can use peanut butter and chocolate protein if you have it available!

  7. I Swear you smoke?

  8. yup she smokes to stay thin.....all this crap she post is bs

  9. Thanks for the tips Thara!! We will Def try them! :) Thank you soo much for taking the time out to post these tips! It means a lot! :)

    From Aman and Raman <3 :)