Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Health Tip #2 in Breakfast Series

This morning I was up at 6am and had to be out the door early so on days like that I like to eat something that will be quick and easy; that's when I reach for the cereal. Straight out the box with some almond milk on top and you're good to go!
Now the next question is what kind of cereal is actually good for you. The cereal isle can so be so confusing and overwhelming and mostly filled with options that are actually unhealthy! I have one brand that I go to for guaranteed goodness and that's Kashi. I can count on them to use whole grain ingredients that are good for me. The new line on many cereal boxes is "made with whole grain." You'll see that on tons of boxes these days. Do not be fooled! There's only one way to know if something is truly made with whole grains and that's by looking at the fiber content on the nutritional value box. If fiber is 2g or less then this cereal is not for you. Put it back! A cereal that is truly made with real whole grains should be loaded with fiber, anywhere from 5 to 8 grams! That's a big difference and your tummy will know. Fiber is so important for your digestive health. Its like a broom that goes through and sweeps out your intestines getting rid of all the junk that can get stuck without the proper aid. Fiber is also going to help keep you full until your next snack or meal which will help you to make healthy choices because you won't be starving.  
So I had my Kashi Go Lean Crunch today. Tons of fiber and even the protein of 3 eggs! Can't go wrong with that. Here's to another great day!


  1. Very useful tips! coz usually i'll just grab and go without even reading the content coz i thought all cereals are healthy!LOL!! ;)






  3. Sounds like you have plenty of willpower and discipline. I just turned to a healthier lifestyle this february, and i've lost about 15 lbs, just about 5 more to go till my goal is reached. It's been hard and painful. I admire you for your power and you're an inspiration. Looking forward to the daily breakfast tips.

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  5. Hi thara,

    This is probably the best tip Eva for cereals ! My personal favorite is post and it's 8g of fiber. The brand you mentioned in your mail unfortunately we don't get that here in Singapore. I was jus telling my frenz about it and they got really excited. I hate marketing but I did jz for d sake of my body. Yes I do skip breakfast myself. Thanks to u and your motivational mail.
    Gurpreet Sidhu
    Gurpreet sidhu

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