Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Unthinkable...

I did "the unthinkable" on my vacation this week. It was something who most I work with actually thought I couldn't do. Get ready, its big...

I removed my work email from my blackberry!!! Yes you heard me right. The woman who gets anywhere from fifty to two hundred emails a day, actually decided that I was going to claim my vacation. I have a partner in my business as well as a full time assistant so why shouldn't I be able to do this? You'd be surprised at the bawks I received as I told people I was going to do this. They actually didn't believe me. I explained that there were three people who if in an emergency, would know how to instantly reach me so there really shouldn't be an issue.

As a culture, we have become so addicted to our phones. Addicted to checking our emails and our texts and the senders on the other end have become addicted to our instant responses! Remember when we used to mail a letter, wait for it to get there and then wait for them to mail one back?! Those days no longer exist. We expect instant or at least a 24 hour turn around on emails today. And god forbid someone bbm's you and you read it! Because they know, immediately, and then they know if you haven't replied yet! I find that to be extremely awkward. That pressure that once I've read it, they know, and I'm basically forced to reply no matter where I am and what I'm doing! Maybe I'm in a meeting or maybe I accidentally read it before jumping in the shower?! I don't know, there could be a million reasons that I don't reply but now that that little "r" has popped up on their end, they think I'm ignoring them! Its just too much sometimes.

So here's the truth. I did check my emails while on vacation this week. But probably just once, max twice a day and only when it was convenient for me; as opposed to that little red light blinking at me, saying "Read me now!  Read me now!"  There was no stress for me as I checked them on my terms and at my preferred time. It was so nice to not feel like I was a slave to my blackberry and its need for immediacy. And the truth is, everything was just fine. I think we all need to shut down once in a while. Even if its just one or two days a week. I always try to do that on Sundays. But also the idea that we don't have to respond so instantly all the time. Log in three times a day and get back to people rather than this constant connection to our blackberry and iphone that we all have. So often these days, I sit in a room of friends and co workers and we are all feverishly typing on our keypads, never taking a moment to come up for air and actually speak to each other!
So this week I went back to basics and it works just fine! Try to disconnect with your devices and re-connect with your friends and loved ones around you.
Happy back to work and back to school day!  I"m excited for the new season and new beginnings!


  1. good for you! sadly I also have this problem..I work for a small cat practice and I'm always on call. I love what I do too but I'm slowly learning that I do need to disconnect and not always volunteer for those extra hours! my brain needs a break sometimes too lol.

  2. that was awesome. You're right, we all must take a break from this electronic world, and have a look on the real world around us. I don't have so much mails to check, but I login to my facebook before logging off sometyms.. lol...
    actually, we want to be "perfect" among others, but we're degrading our real "perfectness" like this.
    your case is a bit different. You are managing sooo muchh things like- your working life, personal life, the star "Jay Sean", and the FANS too. I love how you re-tweet your fans' tweets and wish them their b'days, even if U've nvr retweeted mine,, lol....!

    for you only: """An Amazing and Inspiring Lady, with the Muscles of Diamond.""" 'coz I think, Diamond is much harder than Iron and the most beautiful too.
    luv for You n Jay Sean.!!! <3

    1. 2day,,, u re-tweeted my tweet... dat feels lyk I'm in heaven,,,, My Lord,,, Thara retweeted me.... it is really fantastikkkk... I Luv U thara........!!!!

  3. Hey Thara. I don't really have a problem with you. I am a fan of Jay Seans as in I have every single song of his and know the lyrics to every one of them. Besides the music I was a fan because despite being so famous he was so don to earth. I don't really care if you are married to him. I'm from South Africa and I saw yourls wedding pics on the night of his first concert and u where there too. So this really isn't a shocker to me. But after reading a lot of these comments I have to ask myself whether Jay really is the guy I want as a role model or inspiration. I get that you have been rude to his fans by posting snide comments on twitter and facebook which I have seen on. You also apparently told his female fans to stay away. Uhm Jay is still a rising star. He needs those fans. When you married him you knew what you was getting yourself into. Don't get insecure and catty, those fans know that they don't stand a chance with him also some of them haven't even reached puberty yet. Your reaction just proves that you aren't that confident in your relationship with Jay. What's more is I saw comments that Jay too has started with those snide tweets. As his wife I understand you have an influence on him. But even though most of it is good. You are passing on negative energy onto Jay. Just the other day he posted a tweet and an instagram pic that was meant for his fans. Is this really someone I want to look up to. I know that yourl are adults but yourl need to start being mature about this. Come clean about yourls marriage. We know about it, we just need yourl to have the decency to come clean about it to the world. Also just as the fans are badgering you. Don't get angry because it is yourls fault. No one likes people with no integrity. Speaking on behalf all fans. We will still listen to Jays music. But if we are let down by facades and lies. Why should we make that extra effort to be a fan. Personally my friend and I waited and stalked the internet when the mistress mixtape was released we would sit inlectures and worry more about the music than paying attention to the lecturer. Being a scientest. Studying for tests meant days with no sleep and guess what kept us awake? Jays music. Even through the heartbreaks it was Jays music that kept us going. After all that I have read over the past few days. I'm not sure what or who I am anymore because Jay Sean was a major part of who I am. Each song of his has a memory an emotion for me. But now when I think about those memories or emotions I have myself second guessing. Saying but it was a lie. Jay isn't the genuine person I know him to be. Was these songs out of passion or just to make money. Cause that's all I'm seeing. Negative comments but when they are substantiated by the twitter posts and pics, wow that's all I have to say. Personally I don't hate you, because if it wasn't for Jay I won't even know who you are. Before you go on deleting this comment I would like to give you a word of advice. Nobody ever got anywhere by being liked and nothing good ever came out of retaliation. So when peoples negative comments get to you. Don't ever make your thoughts public and tweet stupid things. As a christian you should know that you need to forgive others if you want your father in heaven to forgive you. Come on. There are a lot of celebs. They handle their ish in a professional manner and don't get offended by their fans negative comments. Cause honestly a celebs good looks or voice or skills are not the primary thing that makes them. Their fans do. With no fans they are nothing so please don't rebuke Jays fans and stop them from contacting him. My appologies if I offended you in any way. I'm just really being honest without taking sides.