Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Health Tip #3 in Breakfast Series

Hope you've enjoyed the tips so far, here's another one.
The Incredible Edible Egg!
Well that is the incredible, edible, egg omelette loaded with veggies!
This is another great way to start your day.  I know how hard it can be for people to get their daily serving of vegetables in everyday and this is such an easy way to get them in.  It's even an easy way to sneak them in for people who are not really fans of veggies.  
I usually do two whole eggs and 1 egg white.  You need some of that good fat in the yolk so I don't usually like to do egg whites only.  I personally like to saute my veggies first so they're a little more tasty.  1tbsp olive oil, 1 clove of garlic and some chopped onions will really boost the flavor without fat or calories.  Some black pepper and herbs sprinkled on those and then you add in your chopped veggies.  You can do anything from peppers to broccoli to spinach!  I always try to get as many greens in as possible as they're nice and fibrous and a great way to get your digestive system moving in the morning.  I don't recommend cheese unless your at home and can get yourself some low fat feta, goat or even cheddar.  When you eat out, it's usually guaranteed that they will use full fat cheese and they will put way too much on completely negating the fact that you're trying to have something healthy.  So I only recommend cheese if you're in control of it.  Then after cooking the omelette, I like to serve it with some salsa or even marinara sauce works.  Its a nice tasty accompaniment to the eggs and again without any negative health affects.  And tomatoes are great for you as well because of the lycopene so definitely good to add on top.  I really don't believe that healthy food can't be tasty, it's just about using the right seasonings and accompaniments to make it enjoyable.
I love knowing that the first thing I put in my body has been tasty AND healthy and it really helps to get two servings of veggies in before you've even left the house.  You can even precut the vegetables the night before to make it quick and easy for you in the morning.  
There's always a way to be healthy, you just have to make the choice every time you take a bite.  
Happy Wednesday!



  2. you lied to all of us you smoke 10 cigarettes a day . Your husband sucks his music stinks and so do you.

  3. wow, you people are so negative, dont read the blog then!

    Thanks for posting Thara, I'm trying to get on my health kick ... there is a cute organic cafe in Times Square Area called Green Symphony that I frequent and they help out a lot, but your posts are great do-it-yourself tips.

    Loving the positivity of your tweets/blog!

  4. Where are all these haters coming from ?! Unbelievable ... :O

    Thank you for your post thara, that's a very good idea, since i started eating veggies more ! Eating healthy is the best :D

  5. Ur amazing thara! It's nice how much u care for healthiness in others (:

  6. Wow good tip. I'll try it tomorrow morning!! [:



  8. Hello thara,

    Good day!

    Eggs! I m not a fan of eggs to be honest, but will definitely give a shot! You are trying very hard plus sharing this tips as well, I wun let it go to waste :)

    Thnk you again

    Gurpreet sidhu


  10. hi thara :) its @hitthechiken_js tnx for recomending me almond milk!! well, the thing is that i stopped cow milk cause of acne problems.. i investigated and found that lactose is a major problem for acne. than i started with soy milk but after some investigation i also had to quite it because the soy they use in it is GMO (Genetically modified organism) and all that hormones thing.... and unfortunately they dont sell edenorganic soy milk which is actually the number one organic soy milk :)
    thara u were actually like an angel because the same they i was so sad because i could not find an answer u came up with this incredible all day blog tips wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! hahah lol!!

    so lets get to business.... i want to ask u 3 important questions:
    1. what almond milk brand do u use or recomend?
    2. nowdays companies inject hormones to grow chikens and produce eggs faster..... what do u do about it?
    3. what is the best time for bikramyoga and insanity?

    well, hope u answe my questions.... they can also be ur next blog topics.. i know ur super busy... but plzz answer!! omg thara u dont know what a dramatic change u and jay have made on me!! remember the first person who commented on ur blog @jaymyidol well that was me.. and i have kept on the struggle and all that and know im finally not overweight like jay hahah when he was a chubby kid... and so happy and positive tnx to u... u introduced me bikram yoga and insanity.... love the results!!
    ur more than idols... artists... famous peps.. ur like family!!
    love u guys never stop doing wat u do!! p.s.d. loved ur pizza... the eggs were hilarious hahha lol and tnx for the panda nail compliments....
    ur a super octopus woman!! hahaha lol!!!
    uga, uga, uga ,uga (monkey sounds in the background).... ok just ignore the last sentence!!

    by: HitTheChiken_JS

  11. LOL it's funny to see how retarted some of the comments here are... I mean seriously, haters should really just fuck off... if they have nothing positive to say than just don't say it at all. Bloody nonsence...

    Thara your blog is amazing! Your tips are so inspiring!! And so are you!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, ignore the demented haters ok. I actually strongly suggest you to run for health minister!! haha, no joke :) I love youuuuu xxx